Mosaic Situation Viewer



Mosaic ATM licenses one of the most cost effective and powerful viewers for aviation professionals available on the market today. Our cloud-based solution gives the user situational awareness of the airport surface, local airspace, and national airspace in one display!

Our viewer pulls in data from:

  • 36 ASDE-X airports plus others by supplemental ADS-B
  • Weather overlay
  • Event prediction; timeline display at key airport (s)
  • Tabular flight details
  • Fuses and correlates FAA SWIM and customer proprietary data
  • Integrates with Metrics and Analytics

What are the benefits of using the Mosaic Situation Viewer?

  • Identify delays before they happen 
  • Save fuel
  • Avoid tarmac delay fines
  • Minimize disruptions during IROPS
  • Avoid gate conflict
  • Manage de-ice holdover times
  • Consolidate multiple systems
  • Transition from legacy to latest data sources; seamlessly adopting new sources as they become available
  • Provide access to large number of users
  • One web-based viewer supports multiple functional groups
  • Facilitates Collaborative Decision Making
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • No maintenance
  • Integrate metrics and analytics reporting

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