About Us

Mosaic ATM is a team of exceptionally motivated, skillful, and creative people dedicated to improving the capacity, efficiency, safety, and sustainability of air transportation and advancing the science and application of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and other future uses of the sky. Mosaic ATM partners with the FAA, NASA, Government research organizations, aircraft operators, airports, academic institutions and industry peers to invent and deliver the next generation of technologies, procedures, and knowledge for air vehicle systems, operations, and applications. Mosaic ATM is a trusted expert, delivering unbiased, mathematics-based answers and proven, transformational systems.

Mosaic ATM’s scientists, engineers, and subject matter experts – many recognized leaders – combine operational knowledge of the National Airspace System (NAS) with cutting-edge skills in computer science, operations research, systems engineering, human factors, and program management. Our staff’s experience extends from identifying innovative concepts through deploying and supporting operational systems, and spans the breadth of air traffic management, aircraft operations, and UAS development, mission success, and NAS integration.

Our customer-focus and agile approach yields practical solutions to complex questions and novel products that deliver positive returns to customers’ investments.