Company Leadership

Chris Brinton

More than two decades of R&D experience in aviation logistics. Founded Mosaic ATM in 2004. Led numerous projects improving dramatically the efficiency and safety of the National Airspace System as a consultant to NASA and the FAA. Previously held executive, managerial and technical positions at industry-leading small companies conducting air transportation research and development. Numerous scientific publications. MS Electrical Engineering, Stanford; BSE Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Princeton.

Stephen Atkins
Executive Vice President

Two decades of air traffic management R&D. Industry leader in airport surface traffic management and metroplex operations. Led numerous and extensive field surveys of airport operations, air traffic control operations, air carrier operations, and control facilities. Led development of logistics concepts that simulations demonstrate will save commercial carriers several billion dollars per year, as part of the FAA’s NextGen program. Numerous scientific publications. PhD, SM, SB Aeronautics and Astronautics, MIT.

Brian Scott
Chief Financial Officer

More than 20 years financial planning and accounting experience, prior to coming to Mosaic he spent the last 4 years running his own business, before that he was at the College Board as the Director/Divisional Controller of their IT Division. He spent 10 years with AOL in various capacities including divisional controller. He started his career with 10 years in the Air Force accumulating over 1000 hrs. as a C-130 Navigator including a few years developing the C-130 flight simulators. He has a math undergraduate degree from Brigham Young University and earned his MBA in business finance from Webster’s University.

Mark Thomas
VP Marketing & Strategy

Over two decades in strategy, marketing, business intelligence consulting and business development experience in multiple industries. Previously developed and managed multiple government client relationships including Air Force, Army, US Census, SEC and others. For Fiserv, developed new accounts and managed multi-million dollar Enterprise Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence relationships including banks and insurance companies. Masters of Science in Integrated Marketing Communications from Northwestern University.

Steve Vail
Senior Vice President Strategy

Over 25 years in air traffic control operations with the Federal Aviation Administration with more than 20 years in various management positions. 14 years establishing and leading FedEx Global Air Traffic Operations Department, which includes liaison with air traffic service providers worldwide, airspace and procedural design, and management of the FedEx ramp tower system. Current leadership in industry groups relative to surface traffic management initiatives. BS Administrative Sciences, Univ. of Alabama

Shawn Gorman
Chief Software Architect and Software Group Co-Manager

More than 14 years of software development experience, mostly leading development of complex decision-support and decision automation systems for air traffic management. Expert in the design and implementation of high-availability queue management, scheduling, and monitoring algorithms and technology BS Management Science and Information Technology (Decision Support), Virginia Polytechnic.

Matt Brinton
Senior Principal Software Engineer and Software Group Co-Manager

Over 20 years of experience developing consumer and government software as a developer and program manager for Microsoft, Intel, IBM, NASA, DARPA and the National Science Foundation. Expert in web and client application development, highly available and redundant systems, usability design, software development process and release process. BS in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University, and MS in Instructional Psychology and Technology from Brigham Young University.

Chris Provan
Principal Analyst/Chief Data Scientist for Mosaic Data Science

Nearly a decade of experience leading projects that apply data science and mathematical modeling methods to complex strategic planning and operations management optimization problems, producing collaborative decision- making decision-support tools used by facility managers and operators. Previously Research Statistician at Nielsen Media and Research Assistant at Cornell. MS Operations Research, Cornell, BS Math Vanderbilt.

Lara Shisler
Senior Principal Analyst and Traffic Flow Management Group Manager 

Nearly two decades of software engineering and operations research experience. Leads projects that model traffic flows in the presence of weather, capacity, and demand uncertainties. Previously led projects at the managerial and executive level at small and large companies for development, deployment and operations of operational tools for Air Traffic Management. MS Operations Research and Management Science, George Mason University; BS Mathematics, Physics Minor, College of William and Mary.

Mary Ellen Miller
Senior Principal Analyst and Trajectory Based Operations Group Manager

Currently leading Tower Flight Data Manager FAA project. Has led several R&D projects for programs such as NASA’s NextGen Advanced Concepts and Vehicles NRA. MS Systems Engineering, University of Massachusetts; BS Aerospace Engineering, University of Michigan.

Steve Lent
Senior Principal Analyst and Surface Development and Engineering Group Manager

Over 29 years as an IT professional. Over 15 years of experience operational concept prototype development and field evaluation of advanced air traffic management capabilities. Has developed C3I simulations for U.S. intelligence organizations and the U.S. Navy and sales territory alignment software for corporations with national sales forces. BS in Mathematics from George Mason University, and MS in Engineering Management from The George Washington University.