Mosaic Space wins Air Force Contract to monitor Human Health on space missions.

The proposed system, composed of components that have been developed for other Air Force, Navy, and NASA projects. The proposed system is called the Artificial Intelligence System for Human Health Support, or AIS-HHS. Mosaic Space and Aptima are on a defense contract with the Air Force to conduct R&D Technical Feasibility and adapt our innovation […]

drone taxi above traffic

NUAIR AAM Vertiport Software Development

Mosaic is excited to share that we have won another task within NASA’s Advanced Air Mobility National Campaign. We will be developing the software requirements for a new type of airport called a Vertiport. These Vertiports will facilitate the takeoff and landings of Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) aircraft designed to be the next generation of […]

wind flag blowing at airport

Mosaic designing and deploying Wind Miles Model for NASA

Mosaic is thrilled to announce a new project with NASA. Mosaic will design and deploy a Wind Miles Model to be used by the aviation community to simplify accurate calculation of the impact of forecast winds on any flight plan. Currently, it is challenging and time consuming to accurately calculate the effects of wind in […]