Analytics Consulting


Mosaic ATM offers a wide variety of general analytics consulting for the aviation industry. Mosaic has a proven track record in planning and execution of prototype system research and development efforts for NASA, the FAA, the Department of Defense, and major commercial airlines, delivering practical solutions for complex problems.

Project by Project Work

An analytics project delivers on the business case developed during an assessment or scoping period. The gains are typically financial, but may also include important but hard-to-quantify benefits such as improved customer goodwill.

A modest analytics project may only require a single analyst for two to three months. A complex analytics project might require four or five consultants for six to 18 months. An analytics project constructs and possibly operationalizes a scientific model that helps optimize a set of business decisions, with the goal of realizing the business case identified in the assessment. A typical project includes:

  • Data sampling
  • Variable selection
  • Development of the scientific model

Delivery may include:

  • A report or presentation summarizing scientific findings
  • A production decision support or decision automation system
  • Training in proper use of decision support / automation system
  • Metrics tracking progress towards realizing the business case
  • Periodic enhancements

Workshop / Capability Development

The activities and deliverables in a capability-development engagement depend strongly on the capabilities the organization seeks to develop, and on the business opportunities those capabilities will serve.

An engagement with Mosaic helps you quickly stand up a Data Science or Business Intelligence function well suited to your organization’s opportunities without ascending what is otherwise a long learning curve by trial and error. The result is you can deliver substantial projects and realize their business cases months or years earlier than would otherwise be possible.

Possible activities include:

  • Training in opportunity evaluation
  • Organization and engineering-process design
  • Candidate evaluation
  • Technical mentoring
  • Design reviews
  • Quality-control reviews and training
  • Scientific or technical architecture
  • Optimal business case road-map development

Rent a Data Scientist

Renting a data scientist lets you start a valuable project immediately, confident that you have an experienced data scientist available:

  • In gathering, preparing, and assessing potential input variables;
  • Measuring variable importance
  • Constructing appropriate scientific models
  • Assessing model quality
  • Explaining modeling results to stakeholders
  • Implementing models in a production-ready decision support / automation system

You run the project as you see fit, relying on our experts to round out your team. Mosaic’s data scientists have a decade or more of aviation experience, as well as generally having graduate credentials from well-regarded academic institutions. They’re thoroughly familiar with the entire model-development lifecycle, and they’ve generally worked with our software architects and developers to translate scientist models into production applications.

We’ll work with you carefully to align your needs for leadership ability, technical seniority, industry experience, and types of technical expertise with the consultants we offer for your project.