Mosaic ATM offers the only CTOP Decision Support platform to offer automated Trajectory Option Set (TOS) and Relative Trajectory Cost (RTC) generation consistent with operator objectives. CTOP is a type of Traffic Management Initiative (TMI) designed to allow operators more flexibility than in Airspace Flow Programs (AFP’s). In a CTOP TMI, an operator can electronically negotiate lower levels of delay for its flights in exchange for routing out of congested airspace.

An operator lacking the capability to generate automated TOS’s must invest significant amounts of its dispatchers’ effort and time to take advantage of the benefits of CTOP. The Mosaic CTOP decision support tool changes the dispatchers’ role from one of hands-on TOS construction to one of monitor by exception. As a result, the operator can preserve its substitution rights, lower its delay, and participate easily. Furthermore, the generated TOS’s convey the operator’s priorities as driven by passenger loads, crew connections, aircraft line of flight, fuel prices, and more, ensuring that the best possible awards are made by the FAA.

In addition to the CTOP Decision Support platform, Mosaic ATM has developed a full-scale CTOP simulation capable of simulating in fast time the interactions of all users in a CTOP event and the resulting FAA awards. Embedded within the simulation is Mosaic’s User TOS Generator, which reacts to CTOP programs much as airlines and other users would.

If Airline A has a fuel hedge and Airline B doesn’t, they’ll respond differently. Connecting passengers? Schedule slack? These factors will change the way users respond.

The simulator evaluates costs, fuel savings, reroutes, and ATM throughput in response to CTOP event parameters. It can be embedded in other NAS simulation tools such as FACET or SMART NAS to study user trajectory preferences generally or during CTOP events, specifically, or it can be used stand-alone.

Deployed appropriately, our solution:

  • Returns the best flight trajectory options according to your priorities
  • Minimizes workload
    • Manage by Exception: user is alerted when attention is needed
    • Focus on the most important flights first
    • Automates interaction with FAA and internal systems

What makes our CTOP platform unique?

  • Automatic identification of delay-saving opportunities
  • Automatic Trajectory Option Set (TOS) generation
  • Automatic Relative Trajectory Cost (RTC) and other TOS information based on flight-specific data
  • Manage by Exception philosophy with simple, powerful manual intervention
  • Full end-to-end simulation capability, enabling preparation through conduct of practice CTOP events

Mosaic ATM is available to help configure it for your use, or we can perform analyses for you or in collaboration with you.