Mosaic Analytics Suite


The Mosaic Analytics Suite is a powerful combination of different Mosaic products, giving airline and airport operators a 360-degree view of their operation and the impact that events in the broader National Airspace System have on them. Our scientific background gives this product unparalleled predictive and optimization capabilities at one of the most competitive price points in the marketplace.

The situation display allows for real-time and historical visualization of flight, weather, and aeronautical data from SWIM feeds and other sources. 

  • Airport surface data for top 36 NAS airports
  • High and Low airspace sector representation
  • Analysis results super-imposed onto selected maps

We also provide state-of-the-art dashboards, visualizing real-time and historical metrics collection and calculations for selected airports/airspace or NAS-wide.

  • Identify overloaded airports and sectors
  • Airport and sector traffic counts
  • Runway specific taxi times
  • Runway usage patterns
  • Filed flight plan route vs. actual route flown
  • Identify Special Use Airspace (SUA) intersections

What are the benefits of using Mosaic’s Analytics Suite?

  • Actionable metrics processed in real time for NAS-wide SWIM data
  • Rapid analysis through user interaction with metric and geospatial display features
  • Easy data distribution through recording and playback capability
  • Historical data access through simple user generated queries
  • Web-based and mobile architecture reduces maintenance and provides everywhere access
  • Quickly adjust displays to meet changing data access and analysis requirements through intuitive user interface
  • Facilitate presentation of data and results to non-aviation stakeholders with customizable displays and formatting
  • Advanced graphical reporting capabilities