Mosaic Prediction Engine



Mosaic ATM offers our Prediction Engine as a tool you can use to better optimize your airline or airport operations. Mosaic ATM draws on a deep history of successfully running data science and analytics projects in the aviation industry. Mosaic’s approach to data and analytics challenges is highly pragmatic and interdisciplinary, with many of our data scientists hailing from first-tier institutions such as MIT, Stanford and Cornell.

The Mosaic Prediction Engine can be easily integrated into an existing technology stack.

Benefits include:

  • Predicted takeoff and landing times based on the actual situation rather than historical averages
  • Our engine models physics and procedures of how airports, airplanes and airspace work
  • Predicts progress of flights through the taxiway and airspace system, based on current situation, fundamental separation constraints, flow restrictions, local procedures, etc.
  • Identifies airport configuration based on traffic flows

Our engine is also incredibly useful in optimizing Diversion Management

  • Predicted arrival time incorporates congestion
  • Holding detection algorithm identifies tracks that enter a holding pattern
  • Alerting
    • When airport starts holding
    • When flights starts holding
    • When ETA changes significantly due to holding which could lead to diversion

Prediction Engine Landing Page Image