Engineering Services

Experience, Knowledge, and Performance

Mosaic ATM has extensive experience in all phases of the research-to-sustainment spectrum, with a track record of impartially supporting the FAA procurement process.  Mosaic ATM’s System Engineers understand the FAA’s Acquisition Management System (AMS) and have supported the FAA’s research and procurement process for many systems and capabilities.

Our expertise in the early research phase includes detailed analysis of current operations and system performance; real-time data processing and flight matching; identification of mission needs and shortfall analysis; and concept engineering and validation activities, including initial human factors assessment. Solution phase services include algorithm design; prototype development; modeling and simulation; shadow-mode assessments; and operational trials designed to develop and validate functional and performance requirements. Mosaic ATM is experienced identifying alternatives for how solutions can be decomposed and functions allocated among FAA systems, and is adept at Enterprise Architecture, documenting new capabilities and procedures within the NAS.  Mosaic ATM has experience estimating software costs and quantifying benefits estimates through fast-time simulation and operations analysis.  Mosaic ATM also has experience conducting risk analysis and developing mitigation options.

Explore our service areas and highlights from some of our past successes across the research-to-sustainment spectrum.

Case Studies

  • TFDM
  • TBFM
  • STBO
  • NCR
  • FIXM
  • UAS Studies