Requirements Development, Analysis and Verification

Mosaic ATM’s engineering services uses an iterative, comprehensive, and proven problem solving process to transform concepts into complete, prioritized, and validated requirements that address business objectives, technical constraints, and stakeholder needs.

Mosaic ATM understands that requirements development is not a linear process. Our method requires multiple cycles of requirement elicitation and analysis to refine, clarify, and adjust as stakeholders move from high-level concepts to specific requirements. We use various elicitation techniques, such as documentation review, stakeholder interviews, workshops, and observation, to suit each project. Our extensive domain knowledge allows for effective communication with stakeholders and as data is gathered, analysis is performed to categorize system–level requirements into major subsystems; document assumptions, constraints, and dependencies; and assign priorities through stakeholder collaboration. Requirements are then approved and validated by stakeholders to ensure they are correct, clear, traceable, robust, and verifiable.

Mosaic ATM engineering services also offers requirement verification to confirm that a product meets the documented requirements.