Mosaic ATM wins FD DESP Task Order under SE2025 Contract

Mosaic ATM has been awarded another new SE2025 Task Order – the Flight Deck Data Exchange Security and Performance (FD DESP) project – supporting the FAA’s Technology Development and Prototyping organization.  Recent flight deck advancements include rapidly expanding applications for Electronic Flight Bags (EFBs), high-bandwidth air-ground data links, and the introduction of Aircraft Interface Devices (AIDs) that connect legacy avionics busses, EFBs, and the air-ground communication links. These advances allow the aircraft and flight deck to participate in system-wide information sharing and enable pilots to more fully and collaboratively participate in air traffic management decision making.  In this project, Mosaic and Honeywell will leverage our knowledge of relevant emerging technologies, concepts, operational scenarios, and avionics products to identify cyber-security risks related to EFBs, AIDs, and IP datalinks.   Ultimately, our work will provide insights into the cyber-security threats and vulnerabilities associated with NextGen concepts, and solutions that will protect the integrity, availability, and confidentiality of NextGen information exchange.

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