Mosaic Space

Space Exploration Research & Technology

Our research efforts explore ambitious humankind’s desire to explore the universe from satellite trajectory optimization and debris mitigation techniques to the human confinement and task optimization elements in deep space exploration. Here at home, we explore the implementation of automation in scientific research and operational decision making and apply these expertise for the space environment. Within the pursuit of space exploration, we also lead projects that study the human behavior and change over time based on a network of variables.

Mosaic ATM is a recognized center for space science research and for the development of Artificial Intelligence within the spacecraft’s crew health. AI assistant systems have also been designed for ground-based applications. Our scientific staff is active in a variety of research areas including:

  • Deep Exploration Missions: AI Systems for Human Health Support

  • Astronaut Scheduling (Playbook) Optimization

  • Deep Exploration Mission Stowage Design and Optimization

  • R&D Recommendation Assistant AI

  • Space Vehicles Trajectory Optimization

  • Space Debris Mitigation: Autonomous Satellite Deorbiting

  • Space Weather: Lower Earth Orbit (LEO) Drag Forecasting

  • Earth Science Research: Modeling, Analysis, and Prediction