Research and Development

Insightful, Agile, and Collaborative

Mosaic ATM is recognized as a valued partner to NASA and the FAA in Air Traffic Management Research and Development (R&D). Our history of identifying how emerging technology, data, and operational modifications can improve existing systems and procedures, as well as providing innovative ideas that lead to the development of new concepts, has contributed to the safety, efficiency, and modernization of the National Air Space.

Mosaic ATM is dedicated to all aspects of R&D in Air Traffic Management. Our capabilities span from comprehensive assessment of current inefficiencies to full-scale development and deployment of new concepts.  Our agile methods enable rapid and efficient progress and foster stakeholder engagement to meet evolving project needs.  

Mosaic ATM embraces a collaborative approach, with sponsors and as part of larger teams, to develop effective solutions. By bringing stakeholders together, Mosaic ATM builds a sense of shared ownership to increase commitment and buy-in of a solution.

Case Studies

  • Advanced Surface Traffic Management
  • Probabilistic Weather Integration
  • Relative Position Indicator
  • Dynamic Arrival/Departure Fixes
  • System-Oriented Runway Management
  • Unmanned Aircraft Systems
  • Surface Decision Support System
  • GPSM
  • PDRC
  • Aviate