Concept Development

Creativity and deep understanding of NAS operations allow Mosaic ATM to invent new ideas to address historical and emerging needs. Mosaic ATM identifies how new technologies or procedural changes enable new concepts that can provide needed operational improvements. We have extensive experience proposing novel automation capabilities, decision support tools, and operational procedures to mitigate operational inefficiencies discovered through data analysis and operational observations.

Operational concepts are written iteratively, starting with basic descriptions of the motivating problem and solution.  As research progresses, operational concepts grow to include a quantification of the need, how the change would integrate into the NAS, human factors issues, algorithmic designs, and performance and benefits predictions.



  • NCR
  • GPSM
  • SDSS (departure metering, APREQ automation)

44032864 - training neuroscience development concept as a group of cog wheels and gears shaped as human heads with information transfer as a technology brain symbol or psychology exchange success.