Data Analysis

Data Science is a core competency at Mosaic ATM. We have a rich history of performing complex data investigations requiring understanding and merging of diverse aviation data sources. To enable this work, Mosaic ATM receives and archives substantial amounts of FAA data.  Flight matching – gathering data from multiple sources and constructing a single record for each flight – is another area of excellence at Mosaic ATM, critical to computing essential metrics. Past projects have involved both post-analysis and stream analytics applied to real-time data.

The Mosaic-developed Surface Operations Data Analysis and Adaptation (SODAA) tool automatically calculates value-added metrics and provides a powerful, user-friendly interface to conduct airport-based operations analyses. Mosaic ATM deploys and integrates ADS-B receivers to augment surface (e.g., ramp area) and near-airport surveillance used within decision support products and research efforts. Mosaic ATM also maintains adaptation data describing the physical layout of top airports, utilized in data analysis and other products.



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