Human In-The-Loop Simulation

Human-In-The-Loop (HITL) simulations have proven to be an excellent approach to quantify and analyze system functionality along with human decision making.  Mosaic ATM is experienced in all aspects of HITL simulations, from developing the simulation infrastructure and test scenarios, planning and conducting the experiments with Subject Matter Experts, and analyzing the results.  HITL simulations typically require coordination across multiple organizations and integration of various automation systems; Mosaic ATM has both led and been a team member of such projects. Mosaic ATM has experience creating user stories that allows HITL participants to interact with a prototype system or procedure within realistic operational situations.  Through these user stories, new concepts, processes, and tools are tested, which help identify issues and uncover additional requirements needed that otherwise would not be readily apparent.  Depending on the complexity of the new concept or process being testing, a multi-phases HITL plan is used to incrementally develop requirements to ensure the design meets all stakeholders needed.